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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics Finance, B.A.

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Minimum number of credits required to graduate:  124

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to graduate:  2.0

Minimum number of credits to complete the major:  64


The Economics/Finance Major will earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics/Finance. The Economics/Finance major is interdisciplinary combining the core requirements in Economics with core requirements in Finance.

The Economics/Finance major will teach students about the inter-relationships between the economy and the financial sector (financial instruments, financial institutions, financial markets, and financial regulations). Students will be provided with a general knowledge of how the economy works, how the financial sector of the economy works, and how the two sectors impact each other in a global setting. In addition, students will learn specific job market skills. These skills include an understanding of basic accounting practices, sales and marketing techniques, interest rate determination, the relationships between various interest rates, asset price analysis, exchange rate analysis, financial investment practices, risk and return analysis, risk hedging, personal financial management, and portfolio management in a global economy. The Economics/Finance major will take both the Economics Department’s core curriculum and a subset of courses from the Business School and Finance Department’s core curriculum.

Elective Courses

4 electives:  Once course must be from the 4000 level, and two courses must be from Finance.


                                                               # of courses        # credits

LS Core/Area requirements                            13                       52

Required Core (cognates, Eco & Fin)             12                       48

Electives                                                           4                        16

Open Electives                                                 2                          8

Total                                                                 31                     124

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