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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, B.S.B.A.

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All Business Administration majors must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Merrimack College Liberal Studies Core curriculum
  2. Girard School of Business Business Administration core curriculum
  3. Girard School of Business Business Administration Concentration requirements
  4. Remaining credits as “open” electives

Major Requirements

Girard School of Business Requirements

Girard School of Business requirements taken in other divisions of Merrimack College:

Business Administration Concentration Requirements

5 to 6 courses (20 - 24 credits) beyond the Business Administration core, as listed under each concentration. 


Students select electives to individualize their program while still meeting graduation requirements consistent with their career and educational plans.

Pass / Fail Policy for the Girard School of Business

As stated in the Pass/Fail policy for the College: “In order to encourage students to explore new areas of knowledge without undue risk to their cumulative grade point averages, the College permits the taking of open elective courses on a pass/fail basis (see the definition of open electives above in the section on Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree). Students wishing to take a course pass/fail may do so as long as that course is not required to satisfy general education requirements, major or major cognate requirements, Business core or concentration requirements, or minor requirements; only open electives may be taken on a pass/fail basis. No more than eight credits taken on a pass/fail basis may be taken from any one department, no more than four credits may be taken in a single semester, and no more than twelve credits may be counted towards the Bachelor’s degree.” Students should see the Academic Requirements and Policies section of the academic course catalog for the full Pass/Fail policy.


Business Administration students may only take open electives (courses taken outside of their Liberal Studies Core, Business Administration Core, and Concentration Requirements/Electives) as pass/fail.  

Double Concentration Policy for the Girard School of Business

Business Administration majors may complete up to two concentrations within the Girard School of Business.

If a student chooses to complete two concentrations, they cannot pair the following combinations together: 

  • Corporate Finance and Investments AND Financial Planning
  • Human Resource Management AND Management

Additionally, students cannot use more than 1 course/4 credits toward the two concentrations. If a student is pursuing two concentrations (both 5 courses/20 credits) and some courses satisfy both concentrations, the student must complete a minimum of 9 courses/36 credits in total to satisfy the requirements of the two concentrations. 

Minor Policy for the Girard School of Business

Non-Business Administration majors can declare a minor in one of the 9 areas offered through the Girard School of Business.

Business Administration majors who want to declare a minor must choose one outside of the Girard School of Business.

Double Minor Policy for the Girard School of Business

Non-Business Administration majors may complete two minors (a double minor) within the Girard School of Business.  

Students selecting a double minor must complete all course requirements for each minor AND a minimum of 20 credits for each minor. MGT 1100 (Introduction to Business) may overlap between the two GSB minors; this means EACH minor must complete MGT 1100 plus an additional 16 credits. If additional courses within selected minors overlap, students must take additional electives within each minor to fulfill the 20 credit requirement. 

Students cannot double minor when completing the Business Administration Minor. 

Technology Requirement for the Girard School of Business

In the Girard School of Business, students will be using various software applications throughout their academic career. All Business Administration majors and Girard School of Business minors (depending on the minor) are strongly recommended to have a laptop computer (Mac, Windows) that has a battery life of at least two hours (ideally for a full class period) with Microsoft Office 365 pre-installed. Microsoft Office 365 is free for students through Merrimack College’s IT Department. In advanced Business courses, students will be required to download and use statistical packages including but not limited to PHStat, MyStatLab and SPSS. 

For students using a different device, e.g., iPad, students should contact faculty members for courses that list “GSB Technology Requirement” before registering for the course. 

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