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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science, B.S.

The Exercise Science major provides students with a strong evidence-based education in the application of physical activity, prescriptive exercise, and behavioral interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions. Students acquire knowledge and develop practical skills from renowned faculty to provide primary and secondary prevention and rehabilitative strategies designed to manage health risk and enhance quality of life for apparently healthy individuals and persons with medically controlled diseases and health conditions. 


Master of Science in Athletic Training:

Accelerated 3+2 track allows students to receive a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science or Health Sciences and a Master of Science in Athletic Training in 5 years (174 credits).  The student will complete three years of prerequisite courses for a pre-professional education including all liberal studies core requirements (94 credits) by the spring of their third year. 

The remaining 32 credits required for the Bachelor of Science degree (126 credits) will be earned through graduate level courses taken in Summer 1 and Fall 1 of the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT).  The MSAT will be awarded at the end of the fifth year of study with the completion of 48 graduate credits.

Students will formally apply into the graduate program (MSAT) in early spring of their third year, in order to be officially admitted into the program.  Students in the 3+2 Accelerated program who meet all requirements are given priority over post-baccalaureate and other applicants from the College within different majors who would like to choose the 3+2.

Students in other majors interested in applying into the 3+2 (five year accelerated program) may apply although additional coursework may be needed to stay on track.

Students who do not matriculate into the MSAT will use their fourth year to complete their undergraduate degree in Exercise Science or Health Science.


  • Students in the 3+2 track will be required to achieve/maintain:
    • Prerequisite courses:
      • Preferred C+ or better in the following:
      • Anatomy and Physiology I & II
      • Biology with lab
      • Introduction to Nutrition
      • Introduction to Psychology
    • Preferred C or better in the following:
      • Chemistry I & II
      • Statistics
      • 1 Semester of Physics
  • Additional coursework in either biomechanics/kinesiology and/or exercise physiology is recommended.
  • Preferred 3.0 GPA

Major Requirements

The Exercise Science major prepares students for a variety of careers and graduate study in fields such as physical therapy, human performance, wellness and health promotion. The program includes several major elective courses that allow the student, working with the academic advisor, to tailor their program toward their field of interest. The major has the following requirements (minimum of 126 school credits; minimum of 86 major credits).




Any one of the following

2 Health Sciences Electives

Students will choose from a list of health sciences courses from across the College chosen for their relevance to interdisciplinary aspects of exercise science. This course list includes: