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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HDE 4850 - Human Development Capstone: Field Experience

Credits: 4
The Human Development Capstone Field Experience course offers students who major in Human Development with an opportunity to do a field experience. The course provides students a unique opportunity to explore, first hand, possible career interests, to learn from professionals working in the field, and to make a contribution to the community through service learning. In addition, field experiences help students connect theory and practice. Students in this course will select from a range of possible supervised field work opportunities within community, school, human services, and mental health-related agencies. As part of their field experience, students receive direct professional supervision, valuable hands-on experience, and earn four credits toward graduation. Students are required to complete between 10 - 12 hours per week at their placement site. In addition to their time at the agency, students will be expected to write a weekly reflection on their experience and attend a bi-weekly seminar to discuss field experience with other students also in the course. Placements will be arranged through the School of Education and Social Policy, Director of Community Partnerships. Students will arrange work schedule and specific responsibilities with the site supervisor at their placement. There will be a signed agreement between the student, the college, and the site. As stated above, in addition to the field responsibilities, the academic component of the course requires that the student complete a weekly reflection and attend a bi-weekly seminar on campus where students will discuss their field experiences and the connection of practice and theory in the field of human development. The course grade is based on an evaluation of student performance in the field as well as a written reflective analysis.
Prerequisite(s): junior or senior status.